Ododita on 11 Nov 2000 18:12:23 -0000

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-O.D. Odita

Your statement "Dade County, which is dominated by the gusano mafia" is 
erroneous in sevral ways.

1. There is no Dade County in Florida. The name is Miami-Dade County.

2. The City of Miami mayor whose fraudulent victory was thrown out in court 
three years ago was the candidate supported by right-wing elements in the 
city of Miami. This would seem to contradict your view that the county is 
dominated by "gusano mafia", if by "gusano mafia" you mean extreme-right 
political elements. If, as you assert, the "gusano mafia" dominated the 
county, we would have him as mayor in the City of Miami.

3. Results from this November 7th election in Miami-Dade County gave Vice 
President Gore an overwhelming victory. This would also seem to contradict 
your statement that the county is dominated by "gusano mafia," and is a 
misreading of why the officials's would resist the idea of doing a recount.

4. Your use of the term "gusano mafia" is insulting and demeaning of a whole 
community, namely the Cuban community of Miami. You may be trying to put on 
airs of being progressive, but such a sweeping reductive statement is 
actually evidence of a lack of political knowledge, and the small-minded 
product of a prejudiced mind. Your gesture of pretending to reduce the Cuban 
community of Miami to "gusano mafia" is akin to a whole sleuth of ethnic and 
racial insults regarding blacks, Jews, or any other group, which I am only 
accostumed to hear from the most retrograde, racist, facist elements in this 
country. There´s nothing progressive about promoting stereotypes, which is 
what you´re doing.

Some final comments on electronic mail protocol...
I do not know who you are. I don´t belive I know you, nor do I know how you 
got my email address, nor did I ask to be on your list. 
Please remove me from your list. 
In addition, it is quite rude to send a piece of email revealing its multiple 
recipients, since you are revealing their addresses without their consent. 
You already got a complaint from Jenny Kirsten Smith.
So please, think before you write and before you press the SEND button.

In a message dated 11/11/00 08:39:16, beadlejp@ameritech.net writes:

<<Not surprisingly, three of these counties controlled by Democrats have

agreed to the recount. The fourth is Dade County, which is dominated by the

gusano mafia. There the local officials are resisting the demand for a

manual recount, an indication that they fear the election in Dade County

won't stand up to close scrutiny. They are undoubtedly hoping the recount in

the other counties will make their own recount unnecessary.>>