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SKILLA in an interview avec 01 other typed

>       The web scene has always been "hot" in Canada. 
>       I think we play a big part on the web and we're seeing 
>       alot of talented designers comin
>       from up NORTH. It's funny cuz designers trip when 
>       they find out I'm from Canada - they think I come from the UK, US, or JAPAN... 
>       and when I rep CANADA, they're like "NO WAY!!" I don't get it... haha
>       What do you think about Japan?
>       JAPAN ROCKS!! You guys get all the coolest Shit!!! 
>       The coolest gadgets and clothes..not to mention, your Anime is kick Ass!!! I'm gonna
>       own me a Japanese mecha robot 500 feet tall.. just you wait.. ;D
>       The last question. Do you have any plans for the near future?
>       More kick ass Flash designs, more video work, more music work.. 
>       more Shift work ;D
>       I wanna do more collab-creations with other designers, I still have a lot to learn ;D 

kuer! !f 01 ma!. = publ!k b!bl!otekx ava!lbl !n canada +?
zk!la lex!kon = rezemblz zk!la ueb dez!gn. 


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