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[Nettime-bold] re: MOBILE MANIFESTO

> have to upload this manifesto
> to mypalmpilot first.

 Pit, i've been thinking about PDAs in
 relation to the internetwork. there
 is the wireless networked PDA which
 can get instant information, send
 email, trade stocks, browse webpages.
 the technology in the US costs around
 300.00 for the wireless modem and
 40.00/month for wireless access
 for the PDA, which is more expensive
 than a regular personal computer.
 this synchronous connection is the
 future of total connectivity, like
 the mobile phone and short message
 service (SMS) pager-like emails.
 they even have radios for PDAs which
 can receive one way text messaging.
 the other option, the asynchronous
 exchange of information via PDAs is
 booming. services like Avantgo [1] and
 Vindigo [2] make it possible to access
 the network for local and international
 information, which can be automatically
 downloaded to your PDA every time you
 hotsync it with your pc. maps, news,
 weather are all prepackaged content
 areas, but most of it is mainstream.
 there is the possibility of downloading
 any content from a webpage onto a PDA.
 Avantgo custom-channels attempt to do
 this, and it sometimes works, sometimes
 not. other services such as Coola, and
 others are on the horizon enabling any
 website content to be right-clicked and
 instantly queued for loading into your
 PDA during the next hotsync. also, there
 is content which is not commercialized,
 or is used under fair use (i'm assuming)...
 such as sitescooper. [3] there is still
 a freeware access to information in the
 e-books sector and documents, but most
 content and programs are commercialized.
 it seems that there is a lot of potential
 for grabbing information and developing
 information from current sites [i wonder
 when the nettime-l archives will be easy
 to automatically search and then download
 content from the archives to a PDA to read
 on while offline]... bc


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