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[Nettime-bold] NW Airlines & cybersleuths

Has anyone been following the case against
NWA flightattendents for the alleged organizing
of a sickout last Christmas, on a public forum?
I found a lot about the court order that forced 
some 40 people to have their computer scrutenized
for prooves of involvement, but have not found
any link to the eWatch cybersleuth involvement.

This summer the widely circulated Businessweek
article on eWatch quoted the CyberSleuth product manager 
proudly presenting the example of how eWatch 
helped identifying the NWA people behind the sickout.

I was just wondering wether this information has been
used in the courtcase of NWA against the alleged
organizers of the sick-out. Or can be of any use still.

The CyberSleuth website is pretty clear
about the services they provide.
and I doubt if their cloak & dagger methods
hold up in the court of law.

Background. I'm working on a book:
Tactical Tools vs. Corporate Counterstrategies
now writing the chapter on webintelligence.
See bookoutline at 

the ewatch cybersleuth site might not be there
much longer, I furiated their PR woman by bringing
the subject up and indicating her the site was still there...
:-)) I will put it on line this weekend at my own homepage,
at http://www.xs4all.nl/~evel/pandora/ewatch.htm

greetings from Amsterdam
eveline lubbers

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