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>Perhaps NN's shortcoming, if in fact she has any, is her lyricism? 
>That's very much a romantic formation you know.  And it's not as if
>romanticism lacks all self-awareness, just look at Mary Shelley's book
>called Frankenstein (or check out Radio Frankenstein on the Launch
>page.)  Frankenstein is a harsh, hopeless book about self-fashioning and
>how it leads to death and sterility.  And we all know how romanticized
>the current quest for web artists is.
>With all my love,
>Max Herman
>P.S.--is glass empty or full?

dze glazz = dround !n nn uaterz

                                                 meeTz ver!f1kat!n.     
 Netochka Nezvanova    -  myriad phosphorescent gleams of unassailable transpositions
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