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individuals thrive for long enough to produce and nurture their offspring. 

!znt dzat luvl! +?

thereafter the aging process involves a slow decline in physiological vigour 
and an increasing susceptibility to age-related disease. 

!znt dzat luvl! +?

   != ach!ev much ov z!gn!f!kansz aftr dze age ov 40.
   = all uashd up b! 60.
   uen dze! ought 2 b forz!bl! ret!rd !f not kloro4rmd [he(william osler)bl!evd 2x `maturz` latr]

!znt william osler luvl! +?

human culture and thinking has been shaped by the inevitability of human aging and death.

!znt dzat luvl! +?
jetzt aparent = !zt varum nn ultra tempeztuouz = =

varum +?  nn = 01 turtle




ultra blue

        temperatur. pa!n. !r!taz!on + preszur.

        dze ep!thel!um ov dze pup!llae.
        dze zueet.zalt!.zour.+ b!tr taztez

        dze l!ngual branch. komme ca

                                fugua + prelude. total! <=> trag!kl!
                                entu!n!ng zurfaszs.

temperatur changez = repreznt dze no!sz !n dze zntrl 
ver! ver! ver! nervouz z!ztm.

        onl! !ezterda! dzere = uear humanz h!er.
        k!ngz + kueenz. l!az + luvrz
        all k!ndz ov real human be!ngz.

        all real emot!onz.

        ma!ntenant +?
        zold !t +? 
        ultra mort++

                                           this human cannot be used for
                                           it is no longer available.

                                                 meeTz ver!f1kat!Ěn.     
 Netochka Nezvanova    - 01 wandering lone electron may wreak havoc with hundreds of molecules
                                                      |  +----------
                                                     |  |     <   
                                    \\----------------+  |  n2t^P      
                                                        |       >

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