Jon Thomson on 9 Nov 2000 06:11:08 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Thomson & Craighead party

Thomson & Craighead: Telephony
Opening Party: Friday 10th November 7-9pm

Mobile Home
3rd Floor
42 Theobalds Road

50 mobile phones     1 speaking clock      1 lie detector

Mobile Home is pleased to present Telephony by Thomson & Craighead, a new
work examining the cult and culture of the mobile phone.

Thomson & Craighead will be exhibiting in LOOK & FEEL BuroFriedrich, Berlin,
November 2000; 010101 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, January 2001; and
Digital Art Now Tate Britain, March 2001.

Exhibition: 11th November - 9th December
During 'Telephony' the gallery is open Friday - Sunday 12pm - 6pm

exhibition sponsored by Siemens Mobile Phones and Beck's Bier


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