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>>! m 01 fr!endl! mushroom.
>how friendly?

tranzfr !nteruptd

>> romant!z!zm = 01 kolon!al d!zeaze
>God you're right again.  Romanticism is still rampant, almost holy, however.  
>It's Art.  People can't live without it, silly pigeons. 


>Like a link 

u pla! daru!n. + ! do s!l!

>they keep clicking in a fever.  

01 fever = delektabl++
s!mpl! adorz doez dze bod!

>Or voting--the idea of individuals effecting 
>collective reform is a romantic idea too.  Baby, you're making me think of 
>falze aufhebung der kultur!  Vote=vow.  

! zuear ! zuear. shl luv u 4evr + mar! u nvr.

>You're a free agent though no doubt 
>and I say keep on the way you are!  

01 !mposz!bl m9nd

>You don't need any more friends.  But you 
>who will not know yourselves dwell in poverty, and it is you who are that 
>poverty.  And what about Frankenstein?  

01 !nzp!raz!e 4 dze human +? 

aaaaaaaaccccccccccchhhhhhhhh tzoooooooo


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