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[Nettime-bold] "The lone runner" (fwd)


"The lone runner"

The lone runner carried his country's flag in the marathon. He knew no
one, and the crowds were ignorance of the proud symbol of his native land.
With tears, he ran kilometer after kilometer, already missing his wife and
children, his dear father who, through considerable suffering, had sent
him to this foreign city, and his mother, who so recently had passed away.
He ran, saddened by memories of his native village, ran past those
ignorant spectators cheering him on, as if from a great distance. He ran,
hoping that his littlest girl would recover from a wasting illness, still
undiagnosed. And he ran, carrying proudly the flag from his native land,
the flag that had been won with such difficulty from the oppressive and
colonial regimes which had dominated his people for most of the past half-
century. The lone runner ran, and ran, and the people cheered, "and they
knew not whereof they cheered."


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