Kenji Siratori on 6 Nov 2000 06:17:57 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] kenjigram-SF

1/8-bodies of the drug embryo that are spreading to the sponge tissue of the
angel mechanism that the heart of the saint shoots and be drawn
out....brain-city of the crime net mad dog of the ADAM=body fluid where the
ruin machine of the artificial sun digests does noise "me of the light_year"
"it makes the lump of protein...." "corpse of god....murder=type of the
spiral is instigated" it springs to the musical scale of the secret of the
storage chromosome....
"it is scattering"
"double past is stenciled to the negative of the pupil of a girl"
"awakening of an ant....reproduction gland chops up the nightmare of a
larva_ADAM-clone that flows....hybrid murderous weapon of the synapse_like
the fly that dwelt in my spine_i mock outer space general/cell of a
chameleon....germ of your spore=space desert that does noise to the cyber of
the boy clone earth is caused danced....receiving the future tense of my dog
that the artificial sun that (the language=field) reproduces of only when
like a boy the ant lion that ADAM that fatalities resuscitate to the gram
number of soul revolves begin to walk in the cadaver city of the cell of a
soul-machine her vagina is eroding visibility....
"....i commit suicide in the over there of the interior of the womb...."
"....with the virtual image of the boys that was replicated to double...."

"i become the fertilization machine that sun=molecule was lost....(become an
ant)....i" was recorded by another brain!


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