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[Nettime-bold] Re: organ_transplantation_space] (Sat 11/04/00 at 06:37 AM +0900):

> I am sorry.
> However, I continue it, as long as there is the person who requests my text.
> Alan Sondheim, fakeshop, Eugene Thacker...they are requesting my text.
> Please I consider and request it.
> my best regard
> Kenji Siratori


one the issues is also the sheer number of the messages; it causes us to have
to expend a lot of effort to digest these into less frequent, but longer,
chunks of text. we nettime moderators spend a lot of unpaid time and effort
'tidying up' the list in this regard. Perhaps you'd consider sending us a
weekly digest of a number of your texts rather then lots of small ones? That
is, after all, the way the majority of nettime readers see them after we take
the effort ourselves to present them in this form.

scot mcphee.

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