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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Artists and Industry, Unite!

We would certainly never want to be unreasonable, and so should clarify our
clearly contentious statements for you and Mr. offige/gallery.  Of course if
you check out our wall @ we would
have to admit that we did not carve the vinyl to stick on the wall without
the help of a sign making technician.  Certainly artists need the assistance
of engineers (of all sorts) to complete projects, just as engineers need
artists (conceptual and otherwise) to complete their projects.  We are in no
way averse to the beauty of collaboration or even getting help for hire.


We are averse to the stampede of artists complaining about a lack of access
to the latest equipment and technology when they don't even know what that
equipment and technology is.  If you can afford to get the same idea across
using more accessible equipment you should. If "the IDEA is paramount" (and
we think it is), a lack of access to engineers and fancy equipment should
not get in the way of its expression. wrote:
>That said, I completely disagree with your suggestion
>that an artist's desire to work with new technology
>should require any amount of expertise, or interest in
>how that technology works.

In closing we would like to respond to office/gallery by suggesting that now
both ideological extremes seem to be covered, while our intent was only to
say the following. 

If the idea is that we are going to paint a picture, we will sit down and
learn what we must to prepare for the experience.  When our poorly painted
canvas is hung on the wall we will be criticized for our shallow
understanding of the medium (unless there is a concept clearly illustrated
by the piece).

If, on the other hand, the idea is that we will hire someone to do a
painting for us, we are creating a very different piece.  That piece
encompasses far more than just the painting.  That piece also will be
rendered more clearly to our specifications (and -one assumes- more capably)
if we have enough understanding of painting technique (even if only in the
abstract) to properly instruct our collaborator.

Makes one wonder about Sol Lewitt doesn't it?

And as for the conference?  Well there's plenty to say but let's just begin
by mentioning that that Ted Byfield guy is both articulate AND well dressed.


"subverting the visual in art"

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