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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Artists and Industry, Unite!

on 11/1/00 11:27 PM, scot mcphee at wrote:

> "We did a lot of focus groups to see what the needs of artists working
> with new technology are," said Elise Bernhardt, executive director of
> the New York art space The Kitchen, which is sponsoring the event.
> "Everyone said, 'What we want is more access to the equipment, more
> access to engineers, and more collaboration.'"

Why must artists continually whine about access to equipment at the same
time they are complaining about a need for access to engineers?

If your going to work with technology why not get under the hood yourself
and make it work?  Why on earth would you want access to the newest
technology if you need an engineer to help you with the old technology?

Sounds to us like the only reason some (and we do emphasize the word some)
artists are looking for collaboration is so they don't have to get their
hands dirty.

It is those very artists who seem to be offering their "arse-ends to

Thank you and good day.

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