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NEW Golf Information
Golf Press Release:
To all Golfers,

See The First Major Scientific Break through in 500 years of Golf.

Golf Research Institute, and Independent Research Company has
recently concluded the most exhaustive and intensive Scientific 
30 year Study on GOLF.

See excerpts from the Scientific Journals and New Scientific
Engineering Principals that rival those of Newton's and make 
other golf equipment virtually obsolete.
Go to

Take the Scientific Tests provided to "Prove Everything in Golf 
To yourself !"
See why the odds are 40 to 1 against you for being accurate on 
every shot and swing you attempt with all of your current Metal 
Woods, Irons and Putters, regardless of namebrand or cost. 

See exactly why golfers " Don't have a Chance "  to perform and 
play good golf consistantly. 
See the Hypes, Scams, bogus advertising  and Myths of Golf and
how lack of previous knowledge has hamppered all golfers and 
created so many golf tips, etc.. 
See why practice will be fruitless to the normal human golfer and
why so many have suffered injuries of varied type and degree
from golf and golf practice.
See why Fairways, Greens and even Short Putts are so easily
SEE THE ONLY REAL SECRET in GOLF at no cost to you.
The Scientific Facts and Proof are available to everyone at

Did you ever wonder how you could really give something back
to the wonderful game of Golf ? Now you can, pass this message
along to all of your golfing friends and foes to help them really 
know and understand GOLF.
This Scientific Information is provided at no charge to help 
educate all golfers and no purchases are ever required.

This mail notification complys with all email standards. 
Should you not wish to be educated in Golf and removed
from this mailing, state remove in subject line on a reply email. 

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