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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Nader is important: get rid of him!

I agree that a vote for Nader means a vote for Bush - if that would make anyone feel
better. I see no reason why Nader would be just like the other two candidates. At
least he is not as corrupted by the corporate America (yet) like other two. I would
like to vote for a candidate who would sign a federal law to provide that every
working American is treated like a human being, not like a slave. Some rights to
privacy at workplace where  we spend most of our life and mandatory 6 weeks of
vacation like in Europe, should be the minimum to start with. We have some bogus
laws on sweatshops in China, etc. while at the same America is the biggest
sweat-shop on Earth.

joy garnett wrote:

> great, just what we need: a bunch of righteous idealists running around *feeling
> better*. After Bush gets elected and sets about the devastation of the
> environment in Alaska, the right of women to choose, and a host of other things
> we all hold to be dear, (not to mention a host of policy we don't even
> understand or think about). I'm sure those feeling better might start to feel
> pretty bad... Don't be fooled by Nader: he isn't so different from these other
> guys running. He'll do anything to get ahead in some way, just like them,
> including undermining Gore and his campaign. Afterall, he *is* a politician.
> Nader's appeal to progressive-minded,  well-educated, disenfranchized liberals
> is manipulative and misleading; it will make a difference, one very big
> difference, if Bush gets in. This is so obvious and the appeal to 60s nostalgia
> so pathetic and wrong-headed  you'd think any toddler could point it out at a
> distance. (And I used to really look up to Susan Sarandon); what we need is
> pragmatism, not dreamy 60s revival idealism that will remain just that. One
> thing that would help in this fight would be to face up to what a simplistic,
> right-leaning, puritanical culture this really is; the dream of Nader is
> exciting, it's radical, but it's a dream. I don't buy that voting for him is an
> expediant measure --not for an instant. As for *fear*: people are afraid of Gore
> because he is intelligent, and an aristocrat (god-forbid) and therefore not one
> of them. He represents a classic ego-threat to the American Puritanical
> Everyman...
> Keep the Republicans OUT.
> Just do it.
> This is a crucial election.
> Don't throw it away. Don't vote Nader.
> Consolidate: vote Gore for all it's worth. Vote against Bush.
> j. garnett
> flaming liberal pragmatist
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