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[Nettime-bold] feminists and media and actions - midEast

multitudes of pro-peace, anti-occupation activity...

 Bat Shalom is a feminist peace organization working toward a just peace
between Israel and its Arab neighbors.  Bat Shalom, together with The
Jerusalem Center for Women, a Palestinian women's peace organization,
comprise The Jerusalem Link.  Visit our web site for more information and
our latest activities:

Dear Friends,

Global Exchange, a human rights organization based in San Francisco, has
launched an instant fax-away that demands justice for the people of occupied
Palestine.  Go to the link below, enter the required information, and hit
"send."  Your fax will then be instantly sent to the U.N. Secretary General
Kofi Anan's office in New York.  Please forward this email to your networks
so that together we can flood Mr. Anan's fax machine with thousands of
letters calling for international protection for the Palestinians!  The
international community has been silent long enough!
No justice = No peace!

Let the women  talk.

Move the men aside. They did a bad job here. They talk of power,  force,
and security- w know that our security is to be good neigbors.  Without
forgetting the wrongs of the past, nor the unequal distribution of  power,
we will focus on how we LIVE here in peace.We do not want to raise  our
children to war. We do not want them to wear unifroms. We don*t want  them
to fight. We want them to have their state, their dignity, their  rights,
not to fight for them.

Let the women talk.

We feel the  pain, we feel the anger. We are scared.
Before it is too late- let the women  talk.  
 Haggith Gor  Ziv                                              
Kibbutzim College of  Education                      
149 namir  rd.                                                  
Te l Aviv  62507                                             

Friday, October 27, as on every Friday, there will be Women in Black
vigils against the occupation: Jerusalem - Paris Square 1:00-2:00 PM , Tel
Aviv  - Tnuva Junction (meeting of Petach Tikva, Namir and Shaul Hamelech
Roads),  Haifa - Beit Hakranot (corner of Balfour and Herzl), between
1:00-2:00 PM in all  three cities, and also at Nachshon Junction where it
is between 1:30-2:30  PM.
At Be'er Sheva University, the Center for Research of the Bedouin Society
and  The Herzog Center have decided to organize an open meeting on Equality
and  Coexistence on Campus and the State. Jewish and Arab teachers and
students will  participate. It will take place next Tuesday October 31 at
18.00 in Zonenfeld  Auditorium. Contact Lev Greenberg 052-227432.


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