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[Nettime-bold] Free Radio Israel project

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Subject: Radio activists wanted - Free Democratic Radio Israel
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Dear Friends,
For a Hebrew translation, please browse this page:
"" }ht

We are proud to announce that our news web site gets about
12,000 hits a day; the amount of hits has doubled since last
week. Greens, Peace and other progressive activists established
this web site.

As a group of media activists seeking democracy in all fields of
life, we will start broadcasting radio, starting from next week the
radio program is open to all. Anybody can interview or bring
forward their issues of the day. You could be discussing the
trans Israel, or the plight of foreign workers. We do not censor
any view or idea, even when it is a disturbing one.

If you would like to take part in our radio project please live
your contact details, name phone and email and we will contact
you. We will guide anybody in producing his or her own show.

Anybody can join our radio group. Why donít you? If you have
audio quality equipment like minidisks compact disks or D.A.T
for interviewing interesting people that could help us too.

Please send us your contact details, name phone and email.

The CAN Ė Indymedia Group


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