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[Nettime-bold] Home based opportunity offering bank credit cards


Yes, you can earn a great deal of money by providing this much
needed service to the individuals in your community. You'll be
an absolute "dream-come-true" and your only business will be
showing people how and where to obtain the best deals in
credit cards.


Yes, you can qualify to get a major bank credit card even if you've
had bad credit, no credit, low income, are concerned about
employment status, marital status, age, etc. You can obatin a major
bank credit card with credit limits from $250 to $5,000 per card. In
today's society, credit cards are almost a must when cashing a check,
making hotel reservations, renting a car, caught short on cash, and
establishing a credit history.

Yes, you read that right! Unsecured Visas and MasterCards are now
available for people who have had bad credit or no credit at all!

We absolutely guarantee you'll receive 3 to 5 new credit cards with
credit lines totaling $10,000. You'll receive an exclusive list of 5
merchants that will grant you credit for the asking with no credit
check and no security deposit. You can charge up to $10,000
in merchandise next week!  Remember you can not be refused,
these are pre-approved!  Now is the time to act! Banks, financial
institutions, and merchandisers are aggressively seeking
individuals to grant credit to. As a consultant you will become the 
"talk of the town" by offering this unique service within your
community. At least 90% of the people in your city or state will
benefit from this information because it applies to people who
have established credit, as well as people who have bad credit, or
absolutely no credit at all.


It's the best business opportunity you can get into and the time is
just right! This opportunity has no seasons or boundaries and can
be done any place in the US. Now you can operate a "service
business" right from your own home by showing individuals with
bad credit, or no credit, how to obtain a major credit card and
showing established credit card holders how to save money in
interest. Practically everyone can benefit from this information and 
will pay you handsomely for learning the secrets of obtaining these
credit cards. You need absolutely no experience since our state-of-
the-art marketing program will bring you hundreds of orders
requesting this information and you can get started immediately.
Take advantage of this program for your own credit card interest
savings! As a consultant you will be filling orders that come directly
to your address for "The Credit Solutions Consultant Program"
which reveals the sources for the best deals in the credit card history!

In the last 12 months over 20 million people were denied a major
credit card and twice that number want these cards, but don't know
where or how to obtain them. Through our unique program, those
previously denied can now obtain a major credit card within a
matter of weeks. This is a ground floor oportunity with virtually no
competition!  The demand is overwhelming and you will have the
knowledge and tools to fill it. Use our program to obtain your own 
credit card even if you have been turned down before. In our
timeframe of documenting this business opportunity we discovered
an individual who earned over $100,000 in his first year of operation,
and this was from offering only the secured credit card service in his 
own city. The potential here is unlimited and now you have the
opportunity to achieve your goals and financial independence
with this unique money making program!


Our company will provide you with all the necessary information to
get started immediately and you can start earning money immediately!
Regardless of your position now, you can discover the personal
financial freedom waiting for you in this unique "service business"
opportunity today! Within two weeks of receipt of "The Credit Solutions
Consultant Program" you can start receiving hundreds of dollars in
orders and all you have to do is fill them with information we supply you.
It's that simple!


"Credit Solutions Consultants" manual and a free bonus,
"The #1 Wealth Building System in America." ACT NOW!!

Here's How To Order:
Special Limited Time offer only $34.99 add  ($5 for 7-10 day shipping
& handling, or $10 for 2nd day shipping). All orders are processed
within 48 hours and shipped by US mail only.
All checks are verified through Check-Rite.

Write to: Credit Solutions Consultants
266 Elmwood Avenue, #172
Buffalo, NY 14222


Want FAST service? Charge to your credit card or....
we also accept checks and credit cards by fax!!
9 a.m. to 9 p.m. est. at ( 1-716-834-7443 )

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