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[Nettime-bold] Webcast 125 live at VIPER, "AU CIEL" & new BOOK/Symposium

STATION ROSE STReaming-Fahrplan update :

                 dear Gunafa Netizen,

here are the news:

A) Live Webcast 125, SAT/28.10.00, 9pm CET-  STReaming from VIPER festival.
B) "AU CIEL" new CD/Vinyl out. Title song dedicated to Fritz Grohs.
C) new Station Rose BOOK "private://public" and Symposium in the MAK,
Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna.

A) Live Webcast 125, SAT/28.10.00, 9pm CET- LIVE Performance at VIPER festival.
Station Rose performs live at the festival. The MIDI-Performance with
soundz & visuals synced live will be STReamed in realtime. The link to the
stream can be found on our website.

topic:  "Biolante"
content: brandnew multimedia compositions.
extra:  enjoy the realtime performance in Basel as well as online.

B) "AU CIEL" new CD/Vinyl out.
The new CD/Double Vinyl on the Berlin based label Crippled Dick Hot Wax is
out worldwide.
The cool online music site Atrecordings features an interview and all
titles of the CD as mp3 files. It can be ordered there directly, too.

      We dedicate the title song "Au Ciel" to our Austrian friend & artist
Fritz Grohs, who died in Berlin in September. In Memoriam - a piece of
radioart with statements from friends can be found at the Kunstradio
website. The link can be found on our website.

C) new Station Rose BOOK "private://public" and Symposium in Museum of
Applied Arts, Vienna
STR in conversation with Geert Lovink, Petra Klaus & Hans Romanov, Bazon
Brock, Birgit Richard, Stefan Weber, Thomas Feuerstein und Josephine Bosma.

2 years after "1st decade", the first book by Station Rose, the new one
"public://private" will be released & presented 31st of october. It
features a best of the conversations of the Webcasts, which took place
since January 1999, and can be called inverse publishing, as the original
conversations happened online, and later were morphed into this book.
"private://public" deals with hot topics around Webcasting. It has 296
pages, and is in both german and english. We decided to make the book
bi-lingual, cause we believe that mediatheory from the german speaking
Europe has to reach the whole world. The book is published again by edition
selene, Vienna.

with  Geert Lovink on "the Net, Multimedia-Art &Webcasting" (Webcast 34)
with  Petra Klaus & Hans Romanov on "Underground?" (Webcast 13)
with  Birgit Richard on "Art & Clubculture "(Webcast 60)
with  Bazon Brock on "Plug Ins & Recording of Realtime" (Webcast 102)
with  Josephine Bosma on "Netart& MIDI-live-Performance" (Webcast 105)
with  Stefan Weber on "Real/constructed, Dualism & Anti-Distortion"
(Webcast 109)
with  Thomas Feuerstein on "Attractive Attractors, Steady State& Life after
History/LAH" (Webcast 110)

Doesn´t it look like the book is one of the first publications to deal with
STR recommends: get yourself a cosey armchair and a plaid, and start
reading, which is especially great in smoggy autumnal days.  Later on you
still can come back to a new realtime webcast.

Together with the book-presentation "SYMPOSIUM No.3" will be held in MAK/
Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna.

MAK -NITE Tuesday, 31. 10. 2000, __9pm until midnight.
Entrance Weiskirchnerstraße 3, A-1010 Wien
Vortragsaal: Symposium
Foyer des Vortragsaales: Bar & Multimedia-Installation

- Stefan Weber: "Real/Konstruiert"
- Thomas Feuerstein: "Sample Minds"
- Elisa Rose & Gary Danner/Station Rose: "Life After History/Anti-Distortion"

After the lectures there will be a Multimedia Lounge (sounds: Gary Danner,
visuals: Elisa Rose) installed, where there is time and space to follow the
discussions. The link to the event can be found on our website.

Press: if interested in the new book and/or CD, please mail us, and we
shall forward your request to the right persons.

hope to see you & stay with us

                                                "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

             station rose   10-2000

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