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[Nettime-bold] eXploding cinema

30th Birthday
Cinema Online
Cinema Live
Cinema without Walls
The Future of the Small Screen

The next International Film Festival Rotterdam will be a rather special
occasion. Rotterdam in 2001 will be Cultural Capital of Europe, with the
festival being one of the largest and earliest items. But far more to the
point we will be celebrating our 30th birthday. We want to celebrate our
birthday not nostalgically looking backwards, but boldly moving forward,
celebrating the cinema as it now is and anticipating the future.

For the upcoming festival, the exploding cinema section will evolve around
two special themes: Cinema Online and Cinema Live. Further, there will be
the annually returning Cinema without Walls, in collaboration with the
Rotterdam art institutions and the masterclass The Future of the Small

Currently the net is being flooded by online films of rather poor quality,
but still the internet is an interesting place for new initiatives. This is
why we are composing a program on online cinema, exploring the new
possibilities the internet has to offer.

Cinema Online will feature films and cinematic interactive projects that are
made especially for the internet. We are planning to present short films,
animations and documentaries; linear or nonlinear and interactive works.
With this program we are aiming at bringing together some of the results of
the growing interest in Online Cinema and presenting a number of new and
good online productions.

Some of the questions we like to pose with the online program are:  What are
the characteristics of these cinematic internet pieces? How do film makers
deal with issues like non linearity or interactivity? Also the program will
discuss the way film production and distribution is changing because of the
internet. Is the growing importance of the internet simply practical and
economical or can we expect a real change in the approach to the moving

We are interested not only in artists and film makers who use digital
techniques for economic reasons, but especially in artists exploring the
aesthetics and new narrative forms that come out of working with the

The traditional live musical accompaniment of films would to many appear to
be a dead art form, only performed as special events. On the contrary,
'cinematic performance' is everything but dead and is even one of the
directions in which cinema is evolving. Cinema can be seen in more and more
crossover events;  in theatre, projections are taken up in the decor,
traditional films are being remixed and cinematic pieces are placed in club

The program will range from classic silent films with newly composed music
to new remixes. Also, this range allows for crossovers inside the program
itself: various artists will perform in an environment which is new for
them. This means that people who are used to working in a club environment
will perform for a traditional sit down audience and vice versa. This is now
a complimentary part of the annual festival club which hosts a wide array of
music and video artists.

Every year the festival works together with a number of Rotterdam based
cultural institutes, presenting film in a different context. Again a program
of contemporary cinematic installations is being put together.

The Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam is currently undergoing
renovation and will be closed for several months. This is a unique
opportunity to exhibit 10 to 15 installations during the festival. This
exhibition is being curated in collaboration with the Boijmans museum.

Other institutions which will present film related exhibitions during the
festival are Witte de With centre for contemporary art, TENT, V2_  institute
for the unstable media, NAI (Dutch institute for architecture), NFI (Dutch
institute for photography).

In order to stimulate creative and innovative programs for the Internet and
television as combined media, the International Film Festival Rotterdam and
the Dutch Fund for Cultural Broadcasting Productions will organize for the
third time the master class The Future of the Small Screen.  Now for the
first time the master class is a collaboration with the European Multimedia
Labs that have supported dozens of independent new media companies,
producers and artists in the development of innovative content for
interactive media. This new collaboration is a step towards building a
European network of events and resources to support independent new media
production and distribution.

The Master class will be followed by a seminar on the business aspects of
developing new media projects during the Film Festival in January 2001.
The Master class will be held from the 20th up and until the 24th of
November. Participants will work on their own program concepts with an
international team of mentors to develop the content and the architecture of
a program. They will work on a complete design document, consisting of
synopsis, storyboard, interface design and production techniques.

After this intensive week participants will be able to finalize their design
document, so that a selection of projects can be presented in the
International Film Festival in January.

If you do not wish to receive any further information on the Exploding
Cinema program, please send a blank email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject
field to

For more information please contact:

Angela Verschelling

or visit our web site at:

The 30th International Film Festival Rotterdam
January 24th - February 4th 2001

nos vemos en el futuro.


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