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original message from: Eric Zimmerman <>

  a New York City game development company

  would like to announce
  its brand-new offices
  and the launch of its first game:

  a painfully stylish
  and insidiously addictive
  single-player game
  appearing exclusively on

Who's working at gameLab?

gameLab was founded in the Spring of 2000 by Peter Lee and
Eric Zimmerman.  Eric is the designer of many well-known
games, including SiSSYFiGHT 2000, a pre-gameLab collaboration
with  He is also an artist and academic and will be
teaching as an adjunct at MIT this spring.  Peter has been
designing games for many years and before gameLab was working
at Funny Garbage as a lead game designer & developer.  Peter
is currently an adjunct professor at NYU's Interactive
Telecommunications Program.  Right now Peter and Eric are
working with about a dozen animators, programmers, visual
designers, game designers, and others on various gameLab

What is this BLiX game?

BLiX (TM) is a superfunkadelic action puzzle game starring
Spaceman BLiX.  Featuring a rubbery techno soundtrack from
Michael Sweet at Blister Media and retro videogame rave flyer
graphics, BLiX is cooler than any computer game should be.
The object of the game is to ricochet bouncing balls into a
central cup by strategically placing bumpers on a playfield.
With deceptively simple gameplay, 300 unique levels, 60 mini-
cartoons starring Spaceman BLiX and his interspecies lover
Space Monkey, BLiX is probably the best web game you've ever
played. (TM) has already launched the first 100
levels and the other 200 will be online in the coming weeks.

Haven't I heard of BLiX before?

Yes.  Before its launch on, BLiX had a brief
(but critically acclaimed) life as an independent game.  It
won Best Audio at the 2000 Independent Game Festival at the
Game Developers Conference, received a Silver in
International Design magazine's 1999 interactive design
awards, garnered a Merit Award in the Art Director's Club
2000 Annual, was a finalist in the 1999 Invision Awards, and
has been exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2000, Digital Salon 1999,
Cyber99 in Lisbon, Portugal, and ARS Electronica 1999 in
Linz, Austria.

What does gameLab do?

We make original games.  gameLab doesn't do marketing work-
for-hire and we we're not looking for investment. We work
with game publishers or online entertainment sites in a
standard game industry developer/publisher relationship.
We're the band, not the record label.

What's so special about gameLab?

We don't make software, we make pop culture.  Our goal is to
have an impact on the culture of games and help make them a
rich pop medium like music or film.  gameLab games innovate
through finding new audiences, inventing novel forms of
gameplay, and by appropriating styles and narrative content
that isn't normally found in the gaming world.  Digital
gaming is a young medium and there is plenty of room for
experimentation and innovation.

And just what is, Inc. ( is a leading Internet
entertainment destination committed to providing the best
interactive experience on the Web. features
cutting-edge games, animation, music and creativity applications.
In partnership with major entertainment companies and Web
distribution and technology leaders, also
offers artists and publishers a new and powerful distribution

What's next for gameLab?

At the moment, we are developing several singleplayer and
multiplayer online games.  Look out for more BLiX stuff on in the coming weeks.  Our long-term goal is to
design and develop games for a variety of gaming platforms.

So how can I reach you?

You can call gameLab at 646 827 6644.  We're at 368 Broadway,
Suite 210, in New York City (that's Broadway, a couple blocks
below Canal, for you locals).  Or email us at
Stop by and say hi.

Why are you bothering me?

We thought you'd like to know what we're up to.  If you want
to be taken off this mailing list, reply to this email with
REMOVE as the subject line.

eric zimmerman

CEO    646 827 6644    368 broadway #210
gameLab     fx: 827 6645    nyc ny 10013


nos vemos en el futuro.


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