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[Nettime-bold] Israeli Fascists: True or False?

Not sure what nn means when she says this.  Maybe she should be like Chomsky, 
and only talk about her area of "expertise".  It seems to me that both sides 
in the mideast are guilty of a lot, not just Israel.  Or is it just Israel?  
I hate to argue about it, but my personal idea is that a peace agreement 
would be best, not an all-out war to choose a final winner.  That can only 

It's strange that nn's comments inform my perception of her work as a 
programmer.  Of course, I don't use her software or know much about it but 
she does seem to have very strong opinions about art etc.--is her software 
new media art, or art at all?--so I blend her art-ideas with her software 
ideas and other dna-related, neuroscientific, musical, lyrical asci and 
sloganeering.  What do I come up with?  A big mystery!  She also seems 
anti-male and pro-female.  

But hating the Jews?  In my limited experience, that's racism.  (Though I 
know or think I know Israel had big huge arms contracts with South Africa, 
dealt in bloody diamond money via DeBeers, etc.)  Also, the Israelis seem 
very racist against Arabs from the stories I've heard.  Chomsky, who I trust 
on all matters except art and literature (on which he will not speak), is 
anti-Israeli too, I suppose you could say.

All this is already on nettime so I'm hesitant to bring it up, but it does 
seem that web art is stuck in a very realpolitik world and may at times be 
implicated in various troubling realities which may not qualify as art (or do 
they?  Is every mediated human behavior art?)  

That there's some info-war going on doesn't surprise me, but I'm also not 
sure such acts are art.  Was Etoys toywar art?  I think we all agree yes.  If 
GWBush gets elected, thanks to a disoriented and disinformed American Public, 
will his websites and webwars be art?  Don't think so, but the logic says 
yes.  All depends on your moral valuation of mediated information flow--the 
"genius" in all cybernetics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(according to Stahlman.)

Last, would someone on rhizome please explain what nn is doing?  I know she 
makes software but I have no idea what it does or why it's so radical.  I'm 
tired of speculating in my own mind about it.  How about some peer-to-peering?

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network
World Peace = Hard to Get
http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000/believing.JPG (or.GIF)


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