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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Palestinians as Myth

One thought on the subject: I find it disgusting that right-wing
Israeli politicians and international Zionists would continue to put
forward the argument that "there is no Palestinian people."

Israel, of any government in the world, should respect that a nation
is what a people make of it. Consider that at the beginning of the
20th century, the idea of a Jewish nation was a crackpot idea at
best. Jews were a diasporic people, spread across the globe, with no
common non-liturgical language, no shared homeland, a shared religion
(not universal to all Jews, by the way -- many Zionists were atheist
socialists), widely varying levels of shared culture, and strong
movements both theoretical and de facto for assimilation into dominant
European or American society (as well as some into e.g. Middle Eastern
or North African culture).

That true believers were able to create from thin air and desert land
what is recognized pretty much universally as a true nation state is
an existence proof for the broadest definition of what makes a nation
or a people. For anyone who respects this achievement to turn around
and deny others' rights to nationhood based on quibbling historical
details is the height of hypocrisy.

~Mr. Bad

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