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[Nettime-bold] RE: <nettime> Palestinians as Myth

> As far as Judaism goes, I understand it
> as a religion

Then you don't understand it.

For more details please refer to the writings of Ahad
Ha-am, early Zionist, and the first to point out that
one of the more serious goals of Zionism would be
finding some way of accomodation and peaceful
co-existence with the existing population.

However, for politeness sake, thankyou for defining me
and my culture in such an incorrect and reductionist
way. No doubt various people will reply to this saying
that *they* are Jews and they think it's just a
religion and nothing more. That just means that they
don't understand it either. Many, maybe most, Jews

It's a dying culture outside Israel, and becoming
increasingly limited to the religious part of the
culture, in a context where people are becoming less
and less religious. This has been happening for some
time, which is the main reason that Zionism was and is
a success in the cultural domain.

Now if only we could fix the political domain, and
find some Palestinians that actually do want peace and
not just to kill us all. I'm sure there are some, and
I wait in hope to see them set up with a Palestinian
homeland with Jerusalem as its capital. They'll just
have to compromise on the pushing all Jews into the
sea bit, just as the Jews have already compromised on
more than three quarters of the territory of the
original British Mandate of Palestine. At this point,
we can all have fun properly deconstructing the fake
and bullshit identity myths peddled by the (surviving)
idiot nationalists on both sides.

In peace, but not holding my breath...



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