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[Nettime-bold] Further on CNN Domain Name Dispute (fwd)

CNN aka Cable Network News against CHina NEWS, "Cyberpiracy", as CNN likes
to call it or "Cyberbluff" as in Leonardo vs Leonardo etc ?


Here is a little bit more about the CNN case...

CNN accuses Shanghai Maya Online of Cyberpiracy

The Hong Kong counsel of Cable News Network (CNN) recently contacted the
Shanghai Maya Online Company Ltd. regarding its use of "cnnews" as the
domain name for a Chinese language news site.  CNN's web site cnn.com, also
available in Chinese, is one of the most frequently visited sites on the
World Wide Web.  The matter was then passed on to Alston & Bird, LLP, who
first contacted Shanghai Maya on behalf of CNN on October 6, 2000.  CNN
maintains that Shanghai Maya's use of the "cnnews" domain name infringes
upon and dilutes CNN's registered trade and service mark as outlined in the
several registrations it holds with the United States Patent & Trademark
Office.  Under the Federal Lanham Act, these registrations grant Cable News
Network exclusive rights to the CNN trade and service mark, which they have
used since 1980 to refer to their information and electronic news services.
 Attorney Christopher B. Roblyer demanded on behalf of CNN that Shanghai
Maya immediately cease using the "cnnews" domain name, transfer all rights
to CNN and agree not to register or use any trade or service marks which
include the CNN trademark either in whole or in part.  He requested that
Shanghai Maya relinquish the trademark by returning a complete, notarized
Registrant Name Change Agreement to him by October 16.  Roblyer also made
clear CNN's intentions to pursue the matter based on the Anticybersquatting
Consumer Protection Act in the Eastern District of Virgina should Shanghai
Maya fail to respond and comply by this deadline.  Shanghai Maya has stated
that its use of  "cnnews" stands for China Network News, and has shown no
intention of transferring or ceasing to use their domain name as it is.

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