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[Nettime-bold] ][RE][ the art of nodic encode

        :::08:10 PM 17/10/00 -0400, various N-T-it-Es rote:

:][i sore the beast minds ovre my genepool destruct, des[tract]ed][ 
::][we remove all constraints; absolutism ruling classlessness about 2 rise][
:::][switching memeoric strands, ablate 2wards][
::::]retry, trysts, lectric orgastic frenzies cut in2 flat dimensionality][
:::::][l][rusted archival wanderings re:re:required]

:re: re: recessed ][yeo][mannerists/
::beading fractal wanderings crushed in2 a theoreticaul bind/
:::clinical minds visc][h][eraled/floatationalized souls grounded/switches

fleshian femmes outed in2 special spaces::: 
ligatures flapping:::: 

:[i wet myself with]
Requ][h][ired Knowledge of distant events without recourse 2 using sensory
::[i saw the breasts mutate, gene displays between mucus, standard
histronics now]
][X][pressing sensuals
:::[sense-ing the prehensile, scribing text thru a farce survival code]
][R][e][n][sembling or choosing to display genders
::::[or not, as the Shelia may choose]

:[and in today's posts we mirro yr own, a white ghost determined to exist,
a coloured node and circuit point defined, a willing circe broken, swilling
+[a doggedness, a poke of the other, a finger-based trait designed to
ingnite, a nitelite]
::[2 birds in a haven, push those points till they create, text yrself in2
the flame, remove the near, swish the soundbyte] 
+[reappropriate the reappropriated/re: reappropriate the
:::[take the plunge, the key, the kernel essence and give, promote]
+[and all the while, clone//the broadbandish sketch//paint those strokes
bland enuff 2 follow//deflexion]

:::::[and mark the beautiful rare crevice]

[sham][e][an........[that it has to become the standard]]
[sense beuys in all things, fat melts here just like there]
[sense re:appropriate/ness, feathered [inter]faces mix, a gorgeous caul of
melding text]
[sense arc][k][ick, sense the future, smell the teens as they choke]
[sense remove][all][]

:[is consciousness here? my mycardiatic dialectic flecks yr mantle, words
drenched in bioptic nervepoints, node encode node encode node encode yr
terms, yr gallery walls yr catchphrase of the avatarian week]
::[is][x][pressive 2 whom? wet weak? intense? dumb?]
:::[is attempts @ a panicked mutation, evolution scaled to oblivion, words
denote the s][c][ent of death of the post-modem]
::::[is a re:further womb pushing, gravitate 2wards the unknown, pinch yr
unstable flesh and croon, stop yr flicking pattern][ity][ and expose]
+[copyrighted mess, reappropriate the inappropriate, juice yr gregorian
gourd till it hurts]
:::::[is this sequential flu][tim][idity?]


endpoint null, re:move[mention] possibly null, manifestation of
eventualities null, breath null n void if consumed fully and without


data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              

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