Aleksandar Gubas on 17 Oct 2000 03:30:32 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] I'm not interested in Mira Markovic's nipples

I just received this feedback on the net.congestion opening event:

from: >
At 11:02 7-10-00 +0200, jo wrote:
>Dusan, the low-fi video section of Zadruga, happily
>performed as human interface showing ultra short movies
>odf e.g. a cow having a nipple cut, John Lennon singing
>"I didn't mean to hurt you".
>This was the closest I could find in terms of comment on
>the "revolution" taking place in Belgrade, if really the
>sad cow did represent Slobo's wife Mira markovic (the
>flower was missing indeed)

Jo faced the problem.
The cow is just a cow, not Mira Markovic, and it was useless to look for
the political messages in the content that Zadruga offered. But it seems
it's very hard to be from Belgrade and to present a cow as just what it
is. Because everybody is looking for some political and ideological
meaning. Nobody could believe that there are some guys in Belgrade who
are really interested in the things as just what they are.
I admit I'm a fool more interested in what will happen if I touch an
unknown cow's nipples than in criticizing the regime in my films. I'm an
artist - I am not a democrat during Kostunica, just like I was not a
patriot during Milosevic. And if you want me to comment the political
situation, OK, I'll tell you: the cow's nipples are more interesting to
me than those of Mira Markovic. That's my statement.
I demand nipples to be free from the politics!
Set the nipples free!
I don't want to see cow as Mira Markovic!


(BTW, this what's cut off was not a nipple but some of the hair from the
cow's throat. No animal was harmed...)

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