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[Nettime-bold] air 06

Featured guest: Isabel Reichert
*with commentary by Gail Wight
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All parents are challenged with picking a name least likely to handicap
their newborn. Isabel Reichert hands this duty to the highest bidder

"BAIT", an online auction for right to name artist's baby
Duration:   20 DAYS ONLY
Bids start: October 15, 2000
Bids stop:  November 5, 2000

Press release
All new parents are faced with the difficult task of naming their baby but
few would give that responsibility to someone they don't know. During this
performance Isabel Reichert will auction off the right to name her baby in
the Art category of eBay to the highest bidder. Through this action Reichert
raises questions about the moral culpability of the artist as provocateur, the
consumer as responsible citizen, and corporations as spatial infiltrators.
Reichert is concerned with creating a dialogue about the nature of artistic
practice in an economy increasingly hostile to the artists who construct it.
Berkeley artist Gail Wight will discuss the performance and it's ramifications
in an original piece of writing which will accompany the performance on AIR.

<> AIR is supplied by the sponsorship of Fake ID, generous contributors,
bottle returns + the occasional bake sale.

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Fake ID is dedicated to the promotion of non-conventional ideas, new media,
and the infiltration of artists into non-art contexts. It is projects such
as AIR that enable us to exploit the Internet as a theoretical space. We
appreciate your support + collaboration.

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