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[Nettime-bold] Funeral

                                DEATH NOTICE

    It’s time... Please join us in person or in spirit as we mourn the 
passing of San Francisco Culture.  At two o'clock on Saturday October 
21th we will convene at Union Square and proceed up Market Street 
bearing a coffin to the Steps of City Hall.  The procession will 
include a marching band and police escort ending with speakers, 
performances, and celebration.

    Maybe you've watched this unique city's culture, built on 
diversity and a thriving art community, being strangled by blindly 
managed growth in recent years. What happened?  How can we influence 
the social impacts of our new economy?

    Our purpose is not just another protest; it's a theatrical event 
we hope will increase public awareness, create solidarity and raise 
issues of how change can be implemented. Those who remain in San 
Francisco must band together to uphold the integrity of one of the 
world's most inspiring cities.  Let's advertise to our local 
government the urgency of creating new reforms.

We request that all participants wear somber attire befitting a 
funeral march.  Signs and costumes are encouraged.

Feel free to send us your suggestions and contact us for further
information.  And pass the word.


                                   Bryan Lee

                                 Stain Gallery


                                    _  _
                                    @  @
                                     L   ?
                                    ~  ~


†   Dancer's Group Studio on 22nd and Mission

†   Dance Mission Theater at 24th and Mission

†   Brady Street Dance Theater

†   Downtown Rehearsal Space (2000 musicians
      comprising some 500 bands)

†   Art Explosion

†   Division Hi-Fi

†   25 small businesses and non-profits that lost their
      leases in the Bayview Bank Building on 22nd and

†   Housing Rights Committee

†   San Francisco Cinιmathθque

†   Cine Accion

†   Film Arts Foundation

†   Frameline

A   The Jewish Film Festival

†   Nearly 60 small businesses and artists who have
      been displaced by the Bryant Square development
      project on Bryant and 20th

†   The American Indian Contemporary Art Group and

†   S.F. Camerworks

†   Z Space Studio

†   The Clarion Alley Mural Project

†   Quonset Hut (photographer Jon Zax and other

†   20 artists at Stevenson Alley building

†   Centro Social Obrero

Farewell to 50% of the Non-Profit Organizations in San Francisco

                  …such as:

†   National Asian American Telecommunications

†   National Alliance for Media Arts

†   Lines Contemporary Dance Company

†   San Francisco Dance Center

Imminent Risk of Extinction:

†   848 Community Space

†   Theatre Rhinoceros

†   The LAB

†   Luna Sea Women's Performance Project

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