Aleksandar Gubas on 15 Oct 2000 01:17:50 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Spomenka Jovic humiliated... and yes, Milosevic accused

(just to be noticed)

Very interesting things begin to happen at the RTS.

I just watched an incredible report on the Channel 1 of the Radio
Television of Serbia.

Spomenka Jovic, one of the notorious talking heads of the RTS, made a
report on Natasa Kandic accusing Milosevic for war crimes.

Everybody who knows what Spomenka Jovic means, and what Natasa Kandic
means, must be naughtily happy because of that. Can you imagine Spomenka
Jovic speaking the text for the report in which Milosevic is accused for

Well, it happened. It really happened. On October 14, 2000. And there is
a kind of justice in it, no matter what will happen after.

Spomenka Jovic sounded like somebody had the gun pointed to her head.
And reported about some very bad things that her ex-boss has done.

Man, this was a scene!

Aleksandar Gubas


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