Nmherman on 15 Oct 2000 00:26:48 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Desperate call for a Decision by judges

O ye Judges:

Would one of you please take executive action upon yourself and send me the 
final results of the judging process.  Remember, I did ask you to arrive at a 
consensus on the winners.  The first person to send me a final list of three, 
and then to have it seconded, will perforce be the executive judge.  

Don't make me judge god damn it!

I need to announce the winners tomorrow.  Someone write in response.  If 
there's been a mutiny it will be severely punished.  

Also:  Where are those fucking commentaries?  One simple email about being a 
judge due tomorrow.  You guys are really screwing me here.  That's OK, but if 
I dont get some email by tomorrow I'm going to have to tell the world you 
ultimately refused to judge, and no prizes will be awarded; the Conference 
will have self-destructed in terms of judgment.  Is that what you want?  A 
no-prize, no-statement conference?  If so there it is.  Big disappointment.  
Big failure to communicate on my part.  Big fuckup.

So:  whoever gets this before the fifteenth, send me an Executive Judge 
Selection and get it seconded.  Everyone else, send me your comments now 
please thank you.  

And don't forget you're betraying all the submitters, viewers, and interested 
parties, should there be no decision.

Max Herman 

On behalf of:
E. Salvaggio
Max Herman
Patrick Lichty
Jenn and Kevin McCoy
The Tape-Beatles
Terrence Kosick
Mark Stahlman
C. Balkman
Carter Lebares
Corey Eiseman

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