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[Nettime-bold] Book/Ends Conference


        We are delighted to confirm that BOOK/ENDS, a major     
academic conference and artistic and performance      event dealing with 
transformations of the written document and      redefinitions of the
arts and 
humanities, will be held on October 11-     14, 2000, in Albany, New

        BOOK/ENDS will bring together renowned academics such as     
Derrida, Geoff Bennington, Peggy Kamuf, Bernard   Stiegler    and
Drucker, and a group of artists including   Stelarc, Toni    Dove, Xu
Bing, and 
Julia Heyward for conference   papers,    roundtables, workshops, 
demonstrations, exhibits, online   writing   and  other activities.  The
event is 
sponsored by the   University at   Albany  and other regional cultural
(see   list below).     

        For a detailed description of the activities and schedule,
please      visit our 
website at http://www.albany.edu/bookends     

Registration is available online through friday via the website or you
address questions by e-mail to o bookends@albany.edu.

 Registartions will also be taken on site at the various conference venues.

        We would appreciate your assistance in sharing this  information
friends, colleagues and students, and we hope that   you are able  to
join us in 
Albany in October for what promises to  be a milestone  intellectual and

Co-sponsored by:    The University at Albany   /   The University at    
Libraries   /   The University at Albany College of Arts and    
Sciences / Albany 
Center Galleries   /   The Arts Center of the Capital  Region   /  
Albany Public 
Library   /   Albany  International  Airport   Gallery /   Capital
Region Center for 
Arts in Education   /    Electronic Arts  Performance Series (EAPS) of
Studios and   the Arts Department  at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 

Funded in part by the State of New York UUP Technology  Committee     
University at Albany Office of the Vice President For Research,     
Foundation of the State University of New York     


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Assistant Professor of Art
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