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[Nettime-bold] ICG Zimbabwe briefing

Tuesday, 26 September 2000

ICG Zimbabwe briefing


ICG's briefing paper "Zimbabwe: Three Months after the Elections" (26
September 2000) examines the situation in the country in the aftermath
of historic elections that almost brought down the government.

In the immediate wake of the 24-25 June poll, many Zimbabweans were
optimistic that a new era of democratisation and economic reform was
about to begin, after six months of violence, intimidation, farm invasions,
racist political rhetoric, and erosion of the rule of law. Today, those hopes
have been largely dashed. The prevailing mood is one of uncertainty,
frustration and anger. There is no positive leadership: no one has a sense of
where the country is headed except down.

In these grim circumstances, it is imperative that the international
community and regional neighbours continue to provide wise counsel and
bring whatever pressure they can to bear on President Mugabe and his regime,
along the lines recommended in ICG's 10 July report, "Zimbabwe: At the

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