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[Nettime-bold] ICA e-vents [ october 00 ]

ICA e-vents [ october 00 ]
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Games - [into the real]

Date: Saturday, 14 October 2000
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Tickets: £12, £14, £16

Computer games are having a pervasive impact on our
culture. From narrative structures to aesthetics the impact
of the computer gaming experience has and continues to be
both ubiquitous and profound. This one-day conference
brings together practitioners from diverse disciplines to
present and discuss work which has originated from or has
been influenced by developments in computer games.

Following the conference the New Media Centre and café
area will host a mini games arcade where visitors will be
able to play some of the best retro games.

There will be an opportunity to get a pre-release peek at the
new Sony Playstation 2.

The New Media Centre will also be showing a video
produced by Sony on the history of games development.


Renowned commentator on computer games and games
culture. Author of 'Joystick Nation' and 'Surfing on the
Internet'. JC has written for Rolling Stone, Wired, Playboy,
GQ and the New York Observer.

Writer, designer and director who, with Michael Kaplan,
formed LaFong, a partnership dedicated to creating
dynamic new entertainment in media. Sanborn has worked
on a range of innovative interactive projects including the
interactive movie 'Psychic Detective' for Colossal Pictures,
'Paul is Dead' now being produced as a TV series for MTV
and 'Ride the Comix', a virtual reality ride for Disney. John has
recently been collaborating with the Miller brothers,
creators of Myst and Riven.

Famously worked on the development and design of the
United State Marine Corps modification of 'Doom', used to
enhance training. After retiring from the Marines he joined
'Digital Sandbox', designing entertainment software. He also
works as a subject matter expert with the Interactive Digital
Software Association in the ongoing debate concerning
violence and videogames.

In 1987 Peter founded 'Bullfrog Productions' in Guildford,
Surrey to develop an idea for a revolutionary new type of
strategy game for home computers. This first game,
'Populous', went on to sell over 4 million copies. Molyneux's
follow-up designs included hits like 'Powermonger',
'Syndicate', 'Magic Carpet' and 'Dungeon Keeper'.

Peter's new company, Lionhead Studios is  working on
'Black and White' due for release this Autumn.

"Black and White will be a juggernaut of gameplay and
Online Gaming Review

His poignant off-the-cuff observations on the computer
games world has led to him becoming a spokesman for the
industry. He has addressed many conferences in the UK,
USA and Japan and has recently become a member of
the BAFTA Awards Committee.

Head of Communication Research Group, School of
Computer Science, University of Nottingham. Steven and
his team developed a multi-user virtual reality platform for
'Desert Rain', an interactive installation/performance. Other
projects include: 'Heaven and Hell' [Channel 4] and 'Ages
of Avatar' [Sky].

Nathan McCree began writing music professionally in 1993
for Core Design. Starting out with chip music for the SEGA
MegaDrive system, he quickly progressed and by 1994 was
writing fully orchestrated scores for the CD-based consoles.
Nathan is best known for his music in Tomb Raider I, II and III
and he has been heralded as the best computer games
musician for the last six years. Now as director of his own
music and sound production company Meode Productions Ltd.,
he has been composing music for the TV, Film and Music
industries, recently scoring for those other components
of girl power, The Spice Girls.

UK Co-ordinator of the Cyber Players League (CPL) and
Director of London's Playing Fields, a gaming café. Edward
represents a global culture of professional online gaming.
CPL seeks the recognition of computer gaming as a sport.

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