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[Nettime-bold] Reach Millions of people with 1 CD


Hello, I'm Charles Hughes and I would like to share special information with you.  How would 
you like to make big money from the internet?  (very easy !!)  People are making big $$$
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      _________How To Email  over 25 Million people.___________


This applies to anyone, especially beginners.
Would you like to be debt free??
Do you have a business or an idea you would like marketed??
We will even share ideas or a business with you. 
Bulk email is the way to generate tons of business.
Classified newspaper or magazine ads (too expensive)
Website banner displays (don't work)



Even fortune 500 companies use bulk mailing (Disney, IBM & Sony).

Mary Wilkins - Dallas, TX (bulk email has put good money $$ in my account)

James Turner - San Diego, CA  (this works!)

If you are not using your computer to generate GOOD INCOME, you are 
leaving money behind.  Don't Hesitate!!

You can sit in the comfort of home making money hand over fist with a HUGE
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New York Times--Thousands of people are making millions through
                            internet marketing.
LA Times- Average people are cashing in on internet marketing.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, everyone and anyone can market their ideas and
products to millions of people.
Imagine marketing a product or idea through the internet which sells for $10.00.
Well now think about marketing that product to over 25 million people!!!!
If you only get a 10% response, you have made $250,000 !!!!
People are making big money through the internet, now it is your turn to be in on the action.
You see on TV how people are getting rich off the internet, it's a perfect time to be a part of it.

                                      ------Order our CD and get -----

1.)  25 million new fresh email addresses.  These addresses consist of people ready to buy 
from the internet.
2.)  This is an amazing email program to make delivering all those email addresses very
easy, even if you are a beginner.  This program mails 100,000 emails an hour.  You get
the full version.
3.)  Step by step instructions (very easy!)
4.)  Tips on how to write your ad.
5.)  100% customer support.
6.)  Guranteed!!
7.)  ++++only $99.00++++++
8.)  We will even share hot ideas and products to sell.

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You may fax or mail your order to us.  Yes we do accept credit cards !!
Once we receive your order, we will mail your email CD containing 25 million fresh
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We will mail this via PRIORITY mail the same day we receive your order.

********************FAX YOUR ORDER NOW FOR FASTER SERVICE********************

Fill out and print the form below and fax it to (240) 218-5903.
If mailing in the form, mail it to the address at the bottom of the form.
We accept Master Card, Visa, Checks and Money Orders.
Make checks & Money orders out to Cash 25. ($99.00)

Order Form:  (please print clearly)





Email address:_____________________________________________________
(we will mail you a confirmation when we receive your order!!)

Master Card - 16 #s_________________________________exp.date_________

Visa -16#s_________________________________________exp.date_________

Name on Card ______________________________________________________

(this signature allows us to charge, on our secure site)

(mailing address below)
Cash 25
16350 Ventura Blvd. #237
Encino  CA  91436

To be removed from our list
send an email to:  
with "remove" in the subject. 

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