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[Nettime-bold] r_r: BOFHs, ouijing dyson, MALapportionment, and 'elections'


Sat Sep 30 14:12:23 EDT 2000
Milosevic, BOFH

Xeni Jardin of the Silicon Alley Reporter daily reports[1] that "one of
Yugoslavia's senior top level domain (TLD) administrators" has alleged
that "a series of personal threats and blackmail from a Milosevic
government official compelled a member of the .yu TLD administration
team to temporarily take over and redirect" opposition sites during the
elections in Yugoslavia.

   [1] <http://www.siliconalleydaily.com/issues/default.html#Headline6314>

Sat Sep 30 14:12:12 EDT 2000
Our Ouija board says...

...E...D...RESIGNS...C-O-B -- *chairman of the board?* -- ...B4...LA
NOV...LEST...MAL MMBRS...VOTE...ON...NEW...COB... *Who are you?* J...P...
Really? NO...CUL8R... Will Esther resign? Who will replace her? Will
ICANN seize the opportunity for tearful pomp and circumstance to upstage
any MAL activities? Stay tuned...

And whatever happened to that executive search[2] to replace Maximum
Leader Mike Roberts? The roving_reporter can think of at least one
candidate who'll soon be "between opportuinities" who has all the
qualifications: a proven ability to manufacture consensus, a detailed
understanding of elections and institutional dynamics, and a strong
interest in DNS issues. Stay tuned...

   [2] <http://www.icann.org/announcements/icann-pr03may00.htm>

Sat Sep 30 14:12:02 EDT 2000
MAL? What MAL? Oh, that MAL...

ICANN announced the agenda[3] for its November meeting in Los Angeles.
There are no plans[4] for the shiny new Membership At Large to meet.

   [3] <http://www.icann.org/mdr2000/#schedule>
   [4] <http://www.icann.org/mdr2000/#schedule>

Sat Sep 30 14:12:39 EDT 2000
LolitaWatch, v. 2.0 offers new features

C|Net is reporting[5] (if you call a press release larded out with
factoid filler grafs "reporting") that a bloke in San Diego by the name
of Page Howe has submitted a proposal to ICANN for a .kids domain. The
optimistic Mr. Howe further boosted morale in the ICANN offices when he
said, "If we get rejected this time around, we'll just keep trying until
ICANN thinks it's a good idea"; evidently, he's earmarked $10 million
for his ICANN-funding program. One wag has echoed Tim May's response to
a prior proposal along these lines[6] by dubbing Mr. Howe's project a
"whois for pedophiles."

   [5] <http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1005-202-2896738.html>
   [6] <http://staff.qnx.com/~glen/deadbeef/1151.html>

Tue Sep 26 00:50:42 EDT 2000 
Jamie Love on the ICANN DNSO election results 

The ever-excellent Jamie Love of the Consumer Project on Technology has
posted an interesting note[7] about ICANN's DNSO (Domain Name Supporting
Organization) elections to his "Random-bits" list, which offers "a
pretty good indication of the DNSO power structure," hence of the
prevailing forces in ICANN. Note that Jamie received 127 endorsements,
just a few shy of the total number of endorsements received from all the
competing candidates combined -- and more than four times the number
received by the election's winner, Jonathan Cohen, "the strongest voice
for big corporate trademark interests on the ICANN board."

   [8] <http://lists.essential.org/mailman/listinfo/random-bits>


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