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[Nettime-bold] Reminder - next weekend net.congestion - all program details nowon-line!

dear nettimers

please find the last announce...



net.congestion - International Festival of Streaming Media

De Balie, Paradiso, Melkweg, radioqualia, De Waag, Montevideo/TBA

Amsterdam October 6 - 8, 2000

With a "total media environment" created  by the Belgrade artists'
collective Zadruga the international festival of streaming media
net.congestion will be opened in on Friday October 6 in De Balie in

The festival will be a showcase of the most exciting and innovative
artistic and tactical streaming media projects from around the globe. The
program includes performances, concerts, club events, public presentations
and debates, the 'Media Bank' (a public do-it-yourself media space),
walk-in studio's that give the audience a chance to see the artists and
technicians at work and interact with the live programs as they are being
made, workshops and seminars. A large part of the festival will actually
happen within the media; on the Internet, in local and national radio
broadcasts, via cable television, satellite, and any other (trans-)
national medium that the festival manages to seize upon.

The main venues will be Paradiso, De Balie and Melkweg, creating a unique
festival infrastructure around the Leidse Plein in the heart of Amsterdam.
Montevideo/TBA - Netherlands Media Art Institute, and the Society for Old
and New Media (De Waag) will act as important workshop locations.

* Program Information:

Constantly updated information about the program, about the participating
artists, media tacticians and initiatives, entrance pages to the festivals
multiple live streams, and background information about and a selected
series of links to innovative streaming media projects can all be found on
the festival web site:

Some of the highlights of the program include:

* Intellectual Property Stands Trial: The Court Case:
On the Saturday afternoon, October 7, the main hall of Paradiso will be
transformed into a temporary court room. While the legal battles against
Napster,, and others rage on, the net.congestion festival
wishes to reverse the charges. Who is operating in the public interest here?

As a reply to the legal theatre in court rooms world-wide, net.congestion
holds its own court case, with real lawyers, an Amsterdam judge and a
strictly impartial jury, and puts Intellectual Property on trial.

* The "Hybrid Media Show" which investigates a colourful series of projects
that connect the new streaming media with the old (radio, telephone and

* A spectacular series of evening and night programs all playing with live
connections to the rest of the world, including:
- an international performance program in Melkweg on Saturday
- a club night with live connections between WMF Berlin, and Paradiso
Amsterdam, with Berlin DJs of WMF & Tresor performing in Amsterdam.
- Speedy J in Melkweg on Sunday
- Bass On-Line: Hip Hop & black culture, with a.o. an on-line free-style
session between Paradiso Amsterdam and the Media Buro in Philadelphia.

* A critical examination of the blossoming Internet campaigns, who use
streaming media as world-wide communication and reporting tool. Besides
independent web casters such as Freespeech TV and the Indymedia network, a
critical assessment is made of the role and effectiveness of the
anti-globalisation campaigns and the recent events during the WMF &
Worldbank meeting in Prague.

* A debate about on-line documentaries en de impact of the internet on the
documentary genre.

* An elaborate and diversified program of small scale artists presentations
of challenging artistic projects from around the globe in the Mediabank.

The entire program will be streamed live over the internet in co-operation
with D: on, NOB new media services, DDS and XS4ALL. All live streams can be
accessed via:

net.congestion investigates the possible strategies for creating free
spaces for art, culture and social initiatives in the new media landscape,
and how these can be maintained and extended. The festival will be a
meeting point for various artistic and tactical communities who do not
regularly meet each other. It aims to give new incentives to these
communities, create new lasting structures for co-operation, and encourage
the development of fresh ideas and improved technology in this field.

Tickets & Prices:

Day Tickets:  DFL 35,-
Passepartout: DFL 65,-

Reserve Tickets:
De Balie - 020 - 553 51 00


Or during the festival via the festival desk in De Balie,
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam

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