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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> "The Without Response" Verbal 3, Call & Response

>The CUCme was almost like a kind of high tech tertulia with a rigorous list of
>topics, which didn't really need the audience to happen and I think most
>everyone on this list who was there felt that it was demonstrating
>something that most people there had already experienced in one form or

my contribution to the event, distance in real-time, did include the 
audience. unfortunately, i don't think it was explained well in the 

the work i presented tuesday evening is a part of an ongoing 
work-in-process stemming from a  particular preoccupation i have-- 
exploring the nuances of on-line communication specifically focusing 
on expressions of identity on the internet. these ideas first began 
with my piece Distance which used CU-seeme reflector sites as a point 
of departure.

the performance in verbal3 is an extension of a work that i'm 
currently developing through my residency at the alternative museum. 
in this new work, i have been recording many internet-based artist's 
and theorist's vocal reponses to a series of questions i pose to them 
on the theme stated above.

the performance took this structure and format and conceived of it in 
a real-time setting layering both live and remote audience 
participation. a month or so ago, i sent a call to many of our 
inter-connected lists for remote participation.... the people who 
logged on to the reflector site tuesday night responded to my call.

in the performance space the remote participant's responses were seen 
and read simultaneously with the responses of a live member of the 
audience. through the microphone, her voice was intentionally echoed 
to mirror the dual realities simultaneously present in the 
performance space.

it seemed clear to me, and was echoed back by many of the 
participating artists, that the performance took a different turn 
when i broke away form the question-based format and improvised 
toward the end of my segment. this free-from chat that emerged seemed 
to resonate best; we all felt that.

I'm not sure how i feel about opening my process up for public 
consumption.... unlike my web-specific work, this piece was certainly 
wide open to chance. (which is what i was referring to while in 
conversation with cary about the dada spirit of the event)

at any rate, the performance offered me an opportunity to experiment 
with a different format-- performing my process rather than uploading 
my files. considering the safety and near anonymity of working on the 
web, it made me much more vulnerable and open to failure than i'm 
used to. and, by the way, i'm not so sure that the audience present 
were the digitally-savvy folks you suggest. they may very well be a 
mix of web designers who want to check in with there poor cousins and 
a random scattering of novices. but i'd say that very few traditional 
art-world types were there, that's for sure.

thanks to all who came by on a damp nyc evening to show your support


Tina LaPorta
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