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[Nettime-bold] Three days left for the Genius 2000 Conference 2000


As scheduled, the Conference will stop accepting submissions on Oct. 2.  
(Oct. 1 is the last day of the conference.)

You can still contribute to the Rolling page.  I appreciate all the hits 
people have given to the submitted sites and images.  Everyone has put in a 
lot of interesting stuff.  

I think the conference shows that you can have a very high-quality meeting of 
different views without major museum support.  Many people have worked 
together on producing a mixture of ideas, texts, and images.  They deserve 
all the credit.

After Oct. 1, the judges will begin to decide how to award the prizes.  They 
will announce their results on Oct. 15.  The open listserv will remain 
functional for the time being.  If you wish to contact the judges directly, 
check their judge pages.

I'll be wrapping up my contribution (as submitter) with a closing Essay on 
the conference, some new jpgs, and a new Video.  The new Video may be awarded 
as a prize pending the judges' decision.

There are still new items on the Rolling page, so I recommend everyone check 
it out.  There's a mini-archive at the open listserv.  And I've added a lot 
to my own contribution--the Genius 2000 Network Archive 2000--in the last 

So here's to the purpose of the conference:  an end to religious hatred and a 
new era of world peace through the liberation of human genius.  


Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network

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