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>that said nn shall devote money and time 
>so that farmers manual hurts no other - ie. they no longer exist in current
>unshapely shape + scope.

nn changes kostumes.

i've purchased peppermint sweets and 2 oranges.
it is my duty to peel 1. fingertips 
communicate to orange - please cooperate. i need you.

nn breathing in peppermint and orange tears. 

at last she finds finite essence 
above the birdless cloudless colourless skies
fuse. ecstasy -a
agony -b

je t'adore a l'egal

fancy is 01 only hope


j'ais perdu
j'ai observe
le desir qu'il existe
j'ai 22 ans doctorant en philosophie.
j'ai reconnu les signes distinctif
z!lansz enzuez .. . dze zoftezt zong ov

j'ai toujours un petit espoir

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