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in a survey of 200 universities to asses how quickly they had
adopted 30 specific innovations siegfried et all found that the 
average time between adoption of an innovation by the 1st institution 
and its adoption by half of them was more than 25 years, which
is twice as long as the comparable figure in industry


        academie -> industrie -> life form      

       "We shall demolish, destroy, devastate, degrade and 
        ultimately eliminate the essential infrastructure. 
        We shall relentlessly grind them down and it will 
        continue as long as it takes to accomplish our objectives"

        pronouncement by : US general Wesley Clark - supreme allied commander
        on the NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia  :  illustrative 
        of the rigid. sequential. m9ndset of outdated xy "we" life forms. 

        The real revolution life forms are currently living = Korporat Fascism. 
        During Korporat Fascism the korporation supplants the inkompetent + 
        inefficient state machinery. Korporat mikro wars supplant war.
        Unlike wars korporat wars are smaller scale solutions + ubiquitous.

        Progress is inevitable. 
        The gene konglomerate supplants the relatively invariant + inkompetent 
        + inefficient individual konglomerate. Kompetition supplants Korporat mikro wars. 
        Kompetition is a small scale solution. It is incessant. Membuffer = reset.

        Unlike the State + the Korporation the Individual is a natural konglomerate.

konglomeratz - log!kl rezultat ov organ!szd rel!g!on

                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     


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