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 Alex Robinson <>

>>The first point for the whole international movement that opposed NATO
>>war against Yugoslavia to keep in mind is that the Yugoslav elections were
>>not "free and fair."
>You'r right. The elections weren't free and fair. But they were according
>to the Yugoslav Electoral Commission. I suggest that you ponder the irony
>of that.
>>Imperialism stole the election through its blatant pressure,
>>bribery and interference.
>Grow up.

that is easily accomplished. try degrowing.

>You don't give a shit about people in Yugoslavia 

there arent any people in yugoslavia

>- you only care about
>moaning about "Imperialism". 

elegant translation - please consult konkluz!e.

>Now I'm not going to defend "Imperialism"

that is easily accomplished. try doing so.

>(especially since I spent a large part of the last decade campaigning on
>the issue of East Timor) 

there arent any people in East Timor

>but you have got the wrong end of the stick here.

i have the coca cola. du = have the straw

>The West certainly shares part of the blame for the wars in the Balkans
>because of its habit of turning a blind eye and bending over backwards to
>appease Milosevic, 

i retract. they have your straw

>but it is Milosevic and his stinking SPS/JUL regime that
>are the bad guys.

the powers of hell determine the weather

>That much is obvious to me as someone who
>a) is pretty well-versed in geo-politics and in the politics of the region


>b) loves Serbia.

and have you resolved the scale problem +?

>Then again you probably believe that Miroslav Filipovic spied for foreign
>powers (aka AFP)
>And Natasa Kandic is an imperialist stooge too no doubt...
>And all of the people who voted against Milosevic are enemies of the state...

in which case they are enemies of the church

>The die has been cast. 

do tell.

>There is no pretence that he has the support of
>'his' people. Milosevic is gone. 

but you never came.

>Although whether it happens soon in a
>'legal' manner or at some unspecified time in the future with his and
>Mira's backs against a wall is yet to be decided.

they have your straw

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