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>>> quoted so I guess [s]he believes<<<

>The first point for the whole international movement that opposed NATO
>war against Yugoslavia to keep in mind is that the Yugoslav elections were
>not "free and fair."

You'r right. The elections weren't free and fair. But they were according
to the Yugoslav Electoral Commission. I suggest that you ponder the irony
of that.

>Imperialism stole the election through its blatant pressure,
>bribery and interference.

Grow up.

You don't give a shit about people in Yugoslavia - you only care about
moaning about "Imperialism". Now I'm not going to defend "Imperialism"
(especially since I spent a large part of the last decade campaigning on
the issue of East Timor) but you have got the wrong end of the stick here.
The West certainly shares part of the blame for the wars in the Balkans
because of its habit of turning a blind eye and bending over backwards to
appease Milosevic, but it is Milosevic and his stinking SPS/JUL regime that
are the bad guys.

That much is obvious to me as someone who
a) is pretty well-versed in geo-politics and in the politics of the region
b) loves Serbia.

Then again you probably believe that Miroslav Filipovic spied for foreign
powers (aka AFP)
And Natasa Kandic is an imperialist stooge too no doubt...

And all of the people who voted against Milosevic are enemies of the state...

The die has been cast. There is no pretence that he has the support of
'his' people. Milosevic is gone. Although whether it happens soon in a
'legal' manner or at some unspecified time in the future with his and
Mira's backs against a wall is yet to be decided.

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