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28 2000 08:06 PM
Fatso bidding tops $35,000

Fatso the Fat-Arsed Wombat was today confirmed as the star of the Sydney 
Olympics, when bidding for the unofficial Australian mascot topped $35,000.

The $35,780 top bid for Fatso in an online auction for the Olympic Aid 
charity, is more than 10 times the amount bid for Muhammad Ali's signed 

And with two days of the auction still to go, Fatso is closing in on the 
record $100,000 bid for Ian Thorpe's fast-skin competition swim-suit.

Fatso, the official mascot of Channel Seven's hit show, The Dream with Roy 
and HG, has achieved cult status throughout the Games, particularly among 
Australian Olympians.

Swimmer Grant Hackett carried Fatso onto the medal podium after his 1500m 
freestyle win last week.

Michael Klim also embraced the wombat. Fatso shared the gold medal podium 
with Klim, Ian Thorpe, Chris Fydler and Ashley Callus after the men's 
4x100m relay.

Susie O'Neill held the wombat high during a relay medal ceremony.

However, he has not appeared since, prompting speculation he was banned 
from medal presentations by the Australian Olympic Committee because of 
fears he was competing with the AOC's official mascot the boxing kangaroo.

HG Nelson said Fatso's experiences with Olympic athletes inspired him to 
offer himself up for auction.

"It's a dream come true that Fatso is kicking butt online for Olympic aid," 
he said.

"Sure, Roy and I will be sad to see a lifelong friendship collapse in 
tears, but kiddies around the world will benefit from our loss.

"Do your bit now in cyberspace."

The top bid for Fatso has come from 34-year-old Dean Shannon, the chairman 
of Brisbane based Internet company TOAST.COM.

"The reason I am bidding for Fatso is a little bit of fun for me, an 
opportunity to support a worthwhile charity and to get a memorable Olympic 
item as odd as it may be," he told AAP.

"It is easy to get caught up in the excitement surrounding this event."

Olympic Aid is an athlete driven initiative to raise funds for children in 
need. Olympic Aid Chairman and four-time gold medallist speed skater Johann 
Olav Koss welcomed Fatso's contribution to the cause.

"We are delighted that Fatso not only has a fat arse, but a big heart and 
has given himself to Olympic Aid for the benefit of Australian children in 
need," Koss said.

Souvenir shops have reported huge demand for copies of Fatso, but Channel 
Seven has insisted there is only one in existence and there are no plans 
for merchandising.

Fatso is being auctioned on-line at with bids accepted 
up to midnight this Saturday.

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