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>>Soft Money and Hard Threats
>>By Sara Flounders, Co-Director, International Action Center
>>September 27, 2000
>>The elections raise a vital question. Will Yugoslavia be turned over to the
>>Western banks and corporations? Will the assets of industrial enterprises 
>>broken up and sold off, as they have been in every other country in Eastern
>>Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Republics? Will the majority of the
>>population be relegated to living below the poverty line?
>No, The question is WHY the majority of people IS living below the poverty 
>line NOW.

zugezt!e. plz konsult 01 gardn.
az 01 z!gn!f!kant zekz!e ov ost europa l!f objektz
du = romanz!ng 01 zerf poz!z!e.

= 0+0 people. dze prblm !z u.
= 0+0 money.  dze prblm !z ur u!l

01 gardn > !ntel!gent alz 01 gov. 
prez!zl!. prez!zl!. 

>>All the social gains of an independent country that had broken free of 
>>imperialist enslavement and held out during years of encirclement and war 
>>are now endangered.
>This is outrageous to say about a country that has over 50% unemployment 
>rate and an average wage of 40 US$ a month.
>Please do try to rent a flat or go and by some food in our social heaven, 
>say for a month!And all for 40 bucks.

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>>The major media hereóthe New York Times on Sept. 20 and the Washington
>>Post on Sept. 19--have described in detail the exact amounts funneled into
>>the opposition parties, radio and TV stations and newspapers.
>Really! Lucky you! You have someone to DESCRIBE YOU THINGS IN DETAIL!
>Check out what mainstream press is describing here in Serbia!
>>It is important to recognize that the Yugoslav government has the moral 
>>right to nullify this election on the basis of outrageous outside 
>>interference. It has every right to refuse to proceed with further 
>>elections under conditions of war, sanctions and occupation.
>The moral right? How about just respecting the peoples votes?
>>The masses have every right to go into the streets and denounce the
>>opposition parties and publications as agents of a foreign power.

dze masses = fasc!zm  [ma! komplet dze ekuaz!e !f dez!rd]

>But THE MASSES feel they should go into the streets and denounce the 
>Check out the reality!

         konztrukt!ng verk spasz.
                                plz. !nzert 4 red kapsulz.
                                                         de.konztrukt!ng real!t!

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                                 s                                   o                               u       r                                     c          e                                                                   o                               f                                        n                                         c                                 y                   ,                                                  n       o      t                                                     f                            o         r                                       m                                                            a           n                                    d                                                      n               o   t              r    e                                  s               t                   r                                 a                                   i                        n             t           !
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