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[Nettime-bold] On recent .yu domain hijacks

    Thanks to Drazen Pantic and some other people from the
    Internodium mailing list (, who
    helped me in translating this piece of information.

    I have a strange feeling  :-)  that we will have even
    more "fun" with these and similar censorship attempts
    in the next few weeks.

                 Slobodan Markovic (twiddle@eunet.yu)
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This is a forwarded message
From: Dr.Bozidar Radenkovic <>
To: Slobodan Markovic <twiddle@EUnet.yu>
Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2000, 18:37:40
Subject: Comment Needed!

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Respected Colleague,

I am very sorry that we do have to correspond on this matter.

For years the whole team of YU TLD has very carefully taken care about
the institution and tried to stay away from the immediate politics.
But, in the course of deterioration and defeat of the present regime,
where even murders and kidnaping are not uncommon, blackmail and
pressure stumbled on the administrator of org.yu domain. I hope that
is just one more of the things that will go away for ever together
with this regime.

On the day of elections, an official from the Ministry for Science and
Technology contacted me regarding mentioned domain names. After I have
checked I replied that those domain names have been opened according
to the procedure and that any violation of the procedure is illegal
and can cause unpredictable consequences.

Knowing that it will be difficult to blackmail me or Mirjana Tasic
(admin of .yu TLD), the pressure was focused on mr Nenad Krajnovic. He
was directly blackmailed to change the DNS entry for few domain names.

On Monday, September 25, in the direct telephone conversation I have
warned the person from the Ministry about possible consequences. I
have got the reply that this not my think and that I should mind my
own business.

So, given the seriousness of the situation, YU TLD team has gathered
on September 25, and made a written report that was sent to the
Ministry for Science and Technology, with the request for an urgent
reply. We have not get any reply, so YU TLD has changed back the
domain records to their original, regular state. That was done on
September 26 at 10 A.M. (CET) and that is the situation with those
records since.

YU TLD will follow the procedure and will try to ask for sanctions for
actors in this farse.

I do hope that Serbia will be a civil society and that legal system
will function in an orderly fashion, and will sanction those and
similar examples of voluntary behavior.


Bozidar Radenkovic. 

> Dear friends,
> some of the public discussion in the past two days focused
> on your alledged involvement in changing the DNS records for
> domains "" and "".
> We learned trough Internodium mailing list that the decision
> to cut access for the mentioned sites came from a "high rank
> position" at the Serbian Ministry of Science and Technology
> (precisely speaking, from Branislav Ivkovic, Serbian minister
> for science and technology) and that .org.yu hostmaster was
> forced to change the DNS records under heavy pressure by
> Vlada Teodosic, dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
> at the Belgrade University.
> It was evident yesterday that the records in the .yu domain
> database have been changed for the mentioned sites. In the
> attachment to this message I'm sending you reports from
> Internodium mailing list about all of that. I would also like
> to hear from you something more on this alarming situation:
>   - Did you receive a formal decision for changing the DNS
>     records from Ministry of Science and Technology? When?
>   - Do you have a hard copy of that decision?
>   - What changes have been done and what domains were affected?
>   - What is the current situation? Are the changes still active?
>   - Do you have a personal comment regarding this situation?
> I think that this unfortunate event is threating to set a
> dangerous precendent in the .yu cyberspace and I'm afraid
> that the current developments could cause some really bad
> public critiques regarding the YU NIC's work.
> My personal opinion, based on the great interview that we
> did two weeks ago, is that you absolutely do not agree with
> this dirty action by Serbian Ministry of Science and
> Technology, so I think that you should make a public
> statement on this issue and explain your views.
> All the best,
>                 Slobodan Markovic (twiddle@eunet.yu)
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