Ralf Bendrath on 28 Sep 2000 02:24:59 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Hacktivist Bureau Accepting Applications

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Betreff: HBPPM Accepting Applications
Datum: 27 Sep 2000 01:04:18 -0000
Von: Perception Control <hacktivism@disinfo.net>
Rückantwort: hacktivism@tao.ca
An: hacktivism@tao.ca

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Greetings all

The Hacktivist Bureau of Public Perception Management is now accepting
applications for membership. If you wish to apply send an application to this
e-mail address stating why you wish to apply, your ideology and political
affiliation if applicable, religion if you deem it necessary and any other
relevant information. To begin with The HBPPM will only be accepting four (4)
new members so get your applications in expediently.

Carpe Diem,

-Hacktivist Bureau of Public Perception Management-

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