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From: <        .edu>
Subject: in regards to your =cw4t7abs project

I am getting in touch with you because of your "language"
generator/translator. I am hoping to work on a project based on your work
as well as one other, it will more than anything be based on your theory
of language, how you came up with the project, how do you feel about the
kind of textual output on the net and the reactions. That is a brief
and bungled explanation. I would like to ask if it would be possible for
me to interview you, as well as any other directions you may point me in.
Please realize that i have to come to express myself clearly on this idea,
which is why some things may come across differently from what i have in

thanks in advance

        From:   <      >
Subject: fuck, i just accidentally sent this to entire lev-list! HELP
dear bizzy, bizzy nn-
noticed your name on the v2_ nato workshop. my name is there also... in
hopes that i can collect together the money to fly over for it. (one
can dream)

[andreas would be glad to assist - wouldnt you dear +? _toronto]



drop a line when you can-

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