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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> books and cdroms

One way around this that I've found - well two ways - first is using a PDA
that's not self-illuminated. But the other is to use an _old_ Compaq 286
lunchbox computer with a neon screen. The letters are orange against a
darker read, all of it very matte and not bright; in fact, it looks as if
it were reflecting. I do most of my mail on this (the screen is flat as
well), and it's incredibly easy on my eyes. 

A second technique for standard monitors is of course to turn down the
brightness, and vary the background color, and use them with sufficient
matching light in the environment that the screens "fade in" to the rest.
I'd recommend experimenting for anyone who is online for any length of
time. A final idea - use standard light bulbs and shades rather than the
fluorescents you find in offices. They're easier on the eyes as well.


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