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[Nettime-bold] Join the Art/Science peptalk at TUGcube

(Apologies for cross-posting)

Join the Art/Science peptalk at TUGcube
Today's science is tomorrow's mindset, and artists want a say.

Results occur on a daily basis in the labs that have no reality for those
outside the science community. The silent activities of scientists are
closed to the public until the day they are fully deployed and the damage
already done. How does my future look like, who decide, and who has the
TUGcube raises the question: - Is there a secret revolution going on inside
the laboratory? Do we want to know about it? And when/if we know, what to
We believe that the science of today will be a part of everyday life
consciousness tomorrow. We want to act by injecting critical information
through discussion, art projects and activism. TUGcube attempts to raise a
critical awareness of unacceptable science in our work as artists.

How can we influence the everyday life of the future? Do you believe we can?

This is an invitation, TUGcube needs your help We want YOU to tell us about
your vision: going beyond everyday reality, challenging the concepts of
what the world is and is going to be. TUGcube is open.

- TUGcube is a net project whose primary intention is to construct an
environment for critical discussion, art, information and networking among
people concerned with art & research, says project co-ordinator Ingwill M.

Should they, or shouldn't they?
- Philosophers and scientists are talking already. - So how about a peptalk
with us artists as well? Today, the borders between artists and scientists
are sharp, but how important or meaningful are these boundaries really? We
believe art and science may have a common interest and exploit each others'
knowledge by establishing a common platform for the exchange of ideas and
open debate on which direction we want science to take.

Already, the opposite view is voiced on TUGcube by artist and scientist
Stale Stenslie, who maintains that art and science are mutually exclusive.
To which Heidi Rognskog, also artist as well as scientist, replies that art
and science have influenced each other throughout history, and that the
scope for interaction between the two is in fact greater now than ever.

Suspicious of science
TUGcube questions the role of science in shaping tomorrow's world. Do
scientists base their work sufficiently on human needs, or do short-term
economic considerations matter more?

As non-scientists, we are passive receptors of the "advances" of science
with no say in their creation. TUGcube's objective is to penetrate the lab
and influence the science community through dialogue.

- TUGcube's theme is the personal and private dimension of science and
technology research, in an art context. It is organised as a web and
networking project, where your contributions and projects form the
project's substance.

We offer a forum for discussion and for publishing your own art projects,
texts and ideas. You are invited to create your own "room" on the TUGcube,
or join the ongoing discourse.

- Artists alone can't create this forum, says Ingwill M. Gjelsvik. We need
participants from both camps to take part in the discussions.

Some of the questions that arise from this context are:
Are artists free of today's preconceptions or dogmas?
Are we able to avoid looking back in time, instead creating the images of
the future, and are we then able to act without compromise?
Are we informed enough to see radical future possibilities, and relate to
them and act accordingly?
Are we able to generate ideas about life beyond what is conceivable today,
and join science and business in the anticipation and adaptation of
Have we got the freedom to operate freely within different areas, not just
art but also science and business?
Is the real strength of the artist to be able to see and experience in
totality and as result provoke new ideas?
Is the challenge to communicate and realise the potential of crossover
projects and co-operation?

About TUGcube
TUGcube is co-ordinated by initiator and editor Ingwill M. Gjelsvik and
co-editors Atle Barcley and Heidi Rognskog.
The TUGcube website is programmed by artist Jaanis Garancs.

For more information, please contact the editors at:
Email: tug@kunst.no

Mailinglist: tugcube@kunst.no
Forum:  http://www.tug.nu

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